Jewelry Savers Commitments


"a formal promise or assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled"

Diamond Trade-in and Upgrade 

Young Love is many things but sometimes LOADED isn't one of them.  If you buy the ring you can afford now, you can always upgrade to the ring she DESERVES later! We have implemented a Diamond Jewelry Trade-in/Upgrade policy that we think you'll love!  Here are some of the details: 

  • Only diamond jewelry-to-diamond jewelry trades qualify for an upgrade.
  • Trade-ins purchased at Jewelry Savers are awarded the full value of the original purchase price.
  • The purchase price of the upgrade must be double the original value or more.
  • We accept men's and women's diamond jewelry
  • Color gemstone and pearl jewelry are not eligible for trade-in.
  • Trade-ins can only be completed in the Jewelry Savers Store Monday - Friday. Call 316-683-9215 for more information or to schedule your upgrade appointment!